Fraudulent app alert issued

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) today reminded the public to beware of websites purporting to be that of the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app, with some even claiming to have rewritten the app for public downloading recently.   The OGCIO said that websites or mobile apps of doubtful origin may carry a computer virus or Trojan horse software that pose cyber security risks. People are strongly advised not to visit or download them.   It reiterated that no registration is required to use the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app. There is no central system to record the data, and venue check-in data are saved on users' mobile phones only.   The OGCIO also noted that matching of users' check-in data and the issuing of health alerts will only be carried out within the app. Users' whereabouts will not be disclosed. The app does not pose a risk to privacy.   It added that the number of app downloads exceeds 840,000 and over 70,000 public and private venues have participated in the scheme.

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