Total lunar eclipse on May 26

A total lunar eclipse and the biggest full moon of the year ie the super moon will appear on May 26, the Hong Kong Observatory announced today.   The total lunar eclipse will begin at 7.09pm and end at 7.28pm, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 7.19pm on that day.   The Moon's diameter will be about 7% larger than the ordinary full moon.   As a result of the blue part of sunlight being scattered away by the Earth’s atmosphere and the remaining red light refracted onto the Moon, the Moon will not completely vanish but will appear as dull red.   The event can be best observed at places with an unobstructed view to the southeast if weather permits. People can check on the relevant weather conditions and astronomical observation conditions for the eclipse.    The public can also view the lunar eclipse via a joint webcast.   The next lunar eclipse observable in Hong Kong will be a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.

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