Govt recruitment starts

The Government announced that it has started an exercise to recruit graduate grade civil servants from today until October 8.   The openings include 48 Administrative Officers, 180 Executive Officers II, 20 Assistant Labour Officers II, three Assistant Trade Officers II, 10 Management Services Officers II and 10 Transport Officers II.   Entry requirements have been uploaded to the Civil Service Bureau homepage and the government portal GovHK. Information on hiring Administrative Officers is also detailed here.   Application forms are available online and at Home Affairs Enquiry Centres, Labour Department job centres and the information counter on 1/F, Trade & Industry Tower.   The Government noted that for all civil service recruitment exercises advertised on or after August 6, a pass result in the Basic Law Test is an entry requirement for civil service jobs requiring degree/professional qualifications.   Attaining a score at or above 53 out of 100, which means getting at least eight out of 15 questions correct, will be deemed to be a pass result.   The Basic Law Test result will also constitute an appropriate weighting in a candidate’s overall assessment.

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