Govt to upgrade COVID jab records

The COVID-19 vaccination records issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will contain added information to facilitate the travel needs of the public.   Announcing the move today, the Hong Kong SAR Government said the added information will include the date of birth and sex of the vaccine recipient as well as the manufacturer of the vaccine received to meet common travel rules of some overseas jurisdictions such as the UK.        Starting on September 29, people who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination can download their updated electronic vaccination record via the iAMSmart mobile app. The updated record can also be obtained by downloading the latest version of the eHealth mobile app at a later time.   Members of the public are advised to download the updated vaccination record via electronic means as electronic vaccination records are commonly accepted internationally and are easier to carry and update.        From September 29, people with travel plans who require an updated record in paper form can bring along their identification documents and proof of travel such as airplane tickets within two weeks of departure and visit one of the designated locations to collect it.    They may also authorise other people to obtain the updated paper vaccination records for them. Such authorised individuals should present their own proof of identity, a completed authorisation form and copies of the recipient's proof of identity and vaccination record.        Those tasked with collecting the updated paper records are advised to bring along all necessary documents and allow for adequate waiting time. They should also visit the collection locations for re-printing at least five calendar days before travel.   Starting October 4, the UK will implement new requirements on vaccination records for those entering England. Under therevised system, the date of birth of the person vaccinated should be shown on the vaccination record.   The Hong Kong SAR Government explained that it has informed the UK government about the aforementioned updating arrangement and suggested the country recognise Hong Kong's updated vaccination records as soon as possible.   It added that it urges the public to check the UK's entry quarantine rules before departure, including vaccination requirements and heed the UK government’s latest travel announcement.

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