Voter turnout exceeds 45% by noon

Electoral Affairs Commission Chairman Barnabas Fung today inspected a polling station of the 2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections.   Meeting the media after the visit at the Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mr Fung said this election marks the first time the electronic poll register system has been put in place. He also explained the difference between the past and present voting systems.   “All the paper poll registers are now not in use, but the computerised electronic poll register is in use.   “In the past, paper poll registers were separated into different parts according to the alphabetical prefix on the voter’s Hong Kong identity card number.   “But now, everyone just queues up and then they can be asked to go to any particular ballot paper issuing desk. Then that desk can serve everyone without the distinction of the alphabetical prefix.”   Meanwhile, 2,245 voters/authorised representatives of corporate voters have voted as at noon, bringing the accumulative turnout rate to 45.92%.   Call 2891 1001 for enquiries relating to the election or 2827 7251 for complaints about breaches of electoral rules and guidelines. Both hotlines will operate until 6.30pm.

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