Kowloon Hospital incident probed

The Hospital Authority stated that while a safety incident occurred at Kowloon Hospital today, no one sustained injuries and the contractor concerned must submit an investigation report.   The authority explained that at 3pm, a 7-year old female paediatric patient attended a scheduled session for sensory integration treatment at the hospital’s Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services Centre.   The treatment was performed in a room with a safety padded floor and the patient was sitting on a platform swing attached to an eye ring hung from the ceiling about 20 cm from the floor mat.   The patient fell on the mat gently and was immediately lifted up by the hospital staff after the eye ring loosened during the treatment.   However, the patient did not sustain any injuries and her relative was notified about the incident.   The hospital staff inspected all other eye rings in the treatment room concerned and no potential danger was found.   Noting that Kowloon Hospital has engaged a maintenance contractor to conduct a routine check on the centre’s facilities, the authority said the eye ring involved showed no abnormality during inspections conducted in March 2023 and July 2022.   The contractor is required to enhance such inspections and submit an investigation report, it added.

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