CE meets Henan Governor

Chief Executive John Lee met Henan Governor Wang Kai today to exchange views on deepening Hong Kong's co-operation with Henan.   Mr Lee welcomed Mr Wang's visit to Hong Kong with his delegation. Noting that Hong Kong has maintained close ties with Henan, Mr Lee pointed out that Hong Kong has been one of the largest sources of external investment in Henan and a valuable trading partner of the province, while Henan is also a foothold for investment by Hong Kong enterprises operating businesses in the central region of the Mainland.   The Chief Executive said: “Hong Kong can provide an effective platform and high-quality services for Henan enterprises to 'go global’ and attract foreign investment.   “I welcome more Henan enterprises to leverage on Hong Kong's advantages of enjoying strong national support while maintaining unparalleled connectivity with the world, and its status as an international financial centre, to invest and raise funds in Hong Kong, and use Hong Kong as a base to expand into the markets of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Belt & Road and the rest of the world.”    With Henan Province's rich historical and cultural background, the enhancement of co-operation between Hong Kong and Henan in areas such as culture, tourism and youth exchanges will help Hong Kong's youth understand the country's history, with a view to enhancing their sense of belonging to the country and national pride, Mr Lee added.

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