2 events awarded ‘M’ Mark status

The Major Sports Events Committee today announced that it has awarded “M” Mark status to the FIVB Volleyball Nations League Hong Kong 2023 presented by China Life (Overseas) and the 2023 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.   The two events will take place from June 13 to 18 and June 24 to 25.   Wilfred Ng, the committee's chairman, described both occasions as ones that will add colour and vibrancy to Hong Kong, thereby bringing in more visitors from abroad.   “After a four-year hiatus, these two 'M' Mark events will be held in Hong Kong again, which does not only showcase Hong Kong's capability to host world-class events, but also enhance Hong Kong's position as a centre for major international sports events.   “These events will allow Hong Kong audiences to enjoy high-level competitions and cultivate a sporting culture in the community.”   The "M” Mark System aims to encourage and help local national sports associations as well as private and non-government organisations to organise more major international sports events and nurture them into sustainable undertakings.   What’s more, sports events meeting the assessment criteria will be granted “M” Mark status by the committee and funding support will also be provided to some events.

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