SJ visits GZ courts

Secretary for Justice Paul Lam headed a Hong Kong legal sector delegation on a visit to Guangzhou today.   Mr Lam first called on the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in the morning and met Guangdong Province Vice-Governor Wang Zhizhong.   Apart from discussing matters on enhancing the work of the working group on Guangdong-Hong Kong co-operation on legal and dispute resolution services and on the preparation for the fifth Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) Legal Departments Joint Conference, both sides also exchanged views on ways to take forward the GBA Legal Professional Examination’s trial measures.   The Department of Justice will promote the alignment of rules, harmonisation of mechanisms and exchange of talent in the GBA and also encourage the Hong Kong legal sector to anchor to the principle of “learning, sharing, and exploring” in order to further contribute to the bay area's high-quality development, Mr Lam said.   In the afternoon, Mr Lam visited the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court where he joined a roundtable meeting with the court’s President Hong Shiquan, Vice President Li Chisen and other officials.   During the session, Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Thomas Tsang shared the latest developments of Hong Kong’s legal regime on intellectual property rights, while representatives from the Hong Kong legal sector shared practical experience in handling intellectual property cases, such as the difficulties in verifying expert evidence.   Representatives from the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court also told the participants about the latest development on the legal protection of intellectual property rights in the Mainland and in the adjudication of foreign-related intellectual property rights cases.   Moreover, Mr Lam agreed to further promote the use of mediation to resolve disputes on intellectual property rights and strengthen stakeholders’ collaboration on the proof of Hong Kong law and Mainland law, thereby facilitating the handling of legal matters relating to intellectual property rights in the bay area in a more efficient manner.   Separately, at the Guangzhou Internet Court, Mr Lam was briefed by the court’s Vice President Tian Hui on the court’s organisation, scope of cases, notable decisions, and online mediation and litigation.   He then met President of the High People’s Court of Guangdong Province Zhang Haibo. The two sides agreed to deepen collaboration, explore different modes of co-operation and exchanges, and jointly contribute to strengthening the rule of law in the bay area.   The delegation will continue its visit in Shenzhen tomorrow.

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