CE takes part in Policy Address forum

Chief Executive John Lee and 21 principal officials attended a district forum today to listen to citizens’ suggestions on the 2023 Policy Address.   Held in Aldrich Bay Government Primary School and joined by about 120 people from all walks of life, the two-hour forum consisted of two sessions.   During the first forum, community members voiced their opinions on topics including land and housing, transport, innovation and technology, finance, culture and sports, education, youth, poverty alleviation, healthcare and social welfare.   In the second session, participants were divided into four groups with the goal of engaging in extensive discussions with principal officials on themes that include boosting the economy and people’s livelihood. The Chief Executive interacted with those participating in each group in turn.   Mr Lee said: “My team and I have fruitful and fulfilling interactions with the members of the public in today’s district forum and listened to a number of valuable views.   “My team and I will actively consider the views from the participants with the aim of responding to the trust and expectations from the members of the public on the Government.”   The 2023 Policy Address will be announced on October 25. The Government will continue to tap the views of organisations and individuals through various means.

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