Management reform explained

The Government’s move to streamline the mechanism for retiring officers with persistent sub-standard performance for reasons of public interest, will encourage people who are willing to do their best to join the civil service.   Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung made the statement while responding to media questions after attending a radio programme today and explained why she believes that the streamlined mechanism will serve as an incentive rather than a deterrent for newcomers to the civil service team.   “Our serious attitude in dealing with persistent substantive performers will in fact, I believe, incentivise those who are willing to contribute their best to their work to join the civil service, because we are now giving out a signal that we are serious about work performance. We are serious about dealing with those who cannot contribute to the civil service team.   “So those who have the intention of contributing their best to the civil service will find their work rewarding, their performance will not be dragged down by team members who are not performing well.   “So I think this move will actually incentivise those who are willing to work, who are willing to put in their best to join the civil service.”

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