Training on waste charging provided

The Government has conducted more than 190 physical or online meetings and briefings, reaching out to about 7,300 stakeholders, to introduce the details of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging to be implemented on April 1 next year.   The events are part of the Environmental Protection Department’s (EPD) preparation for the MSW charging.   In addition, since May, the department has arranged about 300 training sessions for frontline staff of property management, environmental hygiene and relevant trade sectors. About 50 training sessions were completed.   It is also organising training courses for property management practitioner licence holders that are recognised by a Property Management Services Authority scheme.   All these events serve to help various sectors understand the relevant legislative requirements under the MSW charging, the EPD said.   Trade sectors are also provided with the best practice guides on ways to make appropriate adjustments to their frontline operation.   Meanwhile, the EPD has rolled out a series of publicity and education campaigns to deepen the general public’s knowledge of MSW charging and advocate behavioural change to reduce waste generation at source.   At the same time, its Green Outreach has started community promotion activities, providing on-site demonstrations and support for waste reduction and recycling.   Other promotional activities are also launched for chambers of commerce, students, ethnic minorities, foreign domestic helpers and residents of “three-nil” buildings and rural villages.   Click here to learn more about MSW charging.

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