Budget consultation gets underway

The Government today commenced its public consultation exercise for the 2024-25 Budget.


Financial Secretary Paul Chan said Hong Kong’s economy is picking and showing positive growth, although the strength of the recovery following the pandemic is weaker than what was expected at the beginning of this year due to factors such as high interest rates and geopolitical developments.


He commented that looking to next year, the external environment will remain complex and uncertain.


In preparing for the 2024-25 Budget, Mr Chan said the Government will pursue development aimed at promoting stability, and continue to allocate resources aimed at driving economic growth that brings tangible benefits to people.


“We need to make forward plans for Hong Kong’s long-term and sustainable development, to grow the economic pie together and make it better,” he said “At the same time, we will strive to achieve more inclusive development so that our residents can better share the fruits of economic progress.


“I invite members of the community to actively express their views on the coming Budget.”


Views can be given via the budget’s thematic website or by email.

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