C919 flies over Victoria Harbour

A home-developed C919 aircraft took off from Hong Kong International Airport and performed a flight demonstration over Victoria Harbour this morning. 


The aircraft took off from the south runway of the airport at 10.26am and flew twice, west to east, over Victoria Harbour, first at an altitude of 1,500ft and then at an altitude of 1,000ft. The demonstration attracted citizens and tourists to flock to the harbourside for a closer view.

The plane touched down on the south runway at 11.33am.

Following the flight demonstration, representatives from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), manufacturer of the C919 and of the ARJ21 which also visited Hong Kong this week, met over 300 young people at the Civil Aviation Department’s headquarters.

During the session, COMAC representatives shared their knowledge about the development of the C919 and ARJ21 aircraft, and about how the planes had obtained certification of airworthiness. The C919 jet’s pilots also spoke about their flying experience. 


Director-General of Civil Aviation Victor Liu said he was very pleased by the successful flight demonstration and thanked the Civil Aviation Administration of China and COMAC for their support in arranging the visit of the two domestic aircraft to Hong Kong.

He said he believed the event would enhance young people’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for national aviation development, inspire them with the country’s innovative spirit, and eventually encourage local aspirants to join the aviation industry.

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