Youth entrepreneurs alliance formed

Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki today officiated at the launch ceremony of the Alliance of Hong Kong Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurial Bases in the Greater Bay Area, which will provide a one-stop information, publicity and exchange platform to support youth entrepreneurs.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Chan highlighted that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government attaches great importance to youth development.


“We strive to build a stage for young people to display their full talents and realise their dreams, and leverage the Greater Bay Area (GBA) as an entry point to promote young people to actively integrate into the overall development of the country."


He also pointed out that the Hong Kong SAR Government proposed establishing the alliance to further pull together the efforts of authorities and community sectors on the Mainland and Hong Kong to support Hong Kong youth entrepreneurs in pursuing and realising their dreams.


The establishment of the alliance is one of the key tasks under the Guangdong-Hong Kong task force on youth employment, entrepreneurship & internship. The Home & Youth Affairs Bureau, the Hong Kong & Macao Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province and the Human Resources & Social Security Department of Guangdong Province are the alliance's leading parties.


Mr Chan said nearly 60 representative organisations from various sectors in Hong Kong and other GBA cities also joined the alliance. These include government and public organisations, innovation and entrepreneurial bases, non-governmental organisations and social organisations, post-secondary institutions and scientific research institutes, professional organisations and venture funds.


“The alliance will leverage the resources and networks of the member organisations to achieve synergy and offer comprehensive support to youth entrepreneurs," he added.

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